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The "Meglio" cleaning products and detergents are produced by the Italian company "ABA". The products are created by modern technology, with an exceptionally high quality, and are environmentally friendly.

The product range is known by the clients in Bulgaria since 1990. In 1997 the innovative degreaser "Meglio" is introduced in the market, which ever since has been preferred by millions of customers.


Sharing the love and passion for olive oil, we strive to offer products with high quality and impeccable taste. Also we are convinced that the best things are the only ones that stand out and remain forever.

Zefferino Monini


Vicenzi is one of the global market leaders in its industry. A brand which perfectly combines the excellence in latest technology and Italian traditions.

From its establishment till today the values ​​on which the company relies are: unremitting dedication to the making of fine pastries, quality ingredients, passion and love for handmade Italian pastries and the development of new products and technologies.


MAINA is a great family tradition.

Specialized in the production of Еaster colombas and Christmas panettone MAINA's family continues to take care of the production and the ensuring of high quality standards. Its major success lies in in the use of natural products and natural yeast for the preparation of the dough, and of course its famous great patience for the leavening before, and cooling after the baking of the products. This makes the brand so famous and preferred worldwide. In this spirit of excellence and dedication in production, MAINA has grown from a small workshop to a large pastry industry.

Il Vecchio Forno Artigiano

Il Vecchio Forno Artigiano is a modern, well-structured company specializing in the production of baked confectionery products. It offers premium Italian seasonal Easter colombas and Christmas panettone, with natural yeast and slow cooling, which ensures softness, quality and natural flavor products for an unforgettable experience during the holidays, in the company of friends or with the whole family.