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Chicken Delight

The chicken fillet is chopped in big pieces, the onion - in slices, and the baked and peeled red peppers - in small pieces. Everything is fried in
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Щрудел с доматчета и патладжани

Strudel with cherry tomatoes and aubergines

Cooking duration: 1 hour 30 min.

Place the flour on a wooden plank, make a well and add the curd, the water and a pinch
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Ризото с ягоди

Risotto with strawberries

Method of preparation:

Wash and cut the strawberries in slices in a plate. Clean and cut the onion in thin slices.
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Задушени гъби с билки

Stewed mushrooms with herbs

Method of preparation:

Clean the champignons and cut them in thick large slices. Cut the onion in crescent slices. Stew
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