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The history of Monini dates back a century ago. For three generations the Monini family has been selecting the highest quality varieties of olives and have been producing olive oil in perfect conditions of hygiene, both in the production and storage of olives and olive oil. The Monini company is highly advanced in its structure, technology, and quality control (Certificate ISO9002). In addition to its commitment to excellence, Monini is always inspired by artisan passion to offer consumers a high quality with a variety of authentic flavors.

And nowadays Mr. Moni personally tastes the olives, in order to choose those who will keep the promise of a good, fresh and persistent flavour. He does this now, as once did his grandfather Dzeferino.


1902 is the year in which Dzefrino Moni began the production of olive oil. By virtue of his knowledge and passion he undertakes to make a quality product. Spoleto, in the heart of Umbria, was an optimal place with its rich olive hills that gave an oil with strong and memorable taste.

Dzeferino was convinced that it would be profitable to focus resources on extra virgin olive oil. He decided to specialize in this product, which wasn't well known and widespread at that time. Soon Dzeferino's children also joined him and started to learn all the secrets and techniques for the preparation of a fine extra virgin, and in the 1950s Monini turned into a cutting-edge industry. In this way a big company was born, where technological processes made it possible to keep the high quality of products and the name Monini soon became a symbol of quality.

Dzeferino Francesco and Maria Flora, grandchildren of the founder, lead today "Monini". The devote expertise and passion while maintaining high quality standards in the production of the best olive oil in the world.


Sharing the love and passion for olive oil, we strive to offer products with high quality and impeccable taste. Also we are convinced that the best things are the only ones that stand out and remain forever.

Dzeferino Moni

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